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Arturo Armellino , Italian conductor


Image by Manuel Nägeli

copyright @ 2022 Arturo Armellino. All rights reserved.

Teatro del Giglio di Lucca 1.jpg

principal music director
orchestra of the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca

" A symbiotic relationship that has lasted for about 4 centuries, the one between the Teatro del Giglio and the city of Lucca. Famous throughout the world for its extraordinary acoustic qualities ".

Maestro Arturo Armellino has been holding the position of Chief Music Director for about 2 years.  

The concert activity of the orchestra began in 1984 at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca with the aim of giving the city a valid musical ensemble. Since then the orchestra has carried out an intense activity, not only at the city theater, but also performing in numerous Italian and foreign theaters and festivals, in the opera, symphonic and chamber music fields.


department director
cultural - musical activity area
Samnium University of Music

logo samnium fondo chiaro.jpg

Samnium University of Music was founded in 2018 by a group of established musicians in the world panorama of classical, symphonic and opera music

Unione Europea.png

principal music director
Samnium Symphony Orchestra (SSO)

" One of the many reasons why we founded the Samnium Symphony Orchestra was to give the opportunity to any musician, all over the world, to get in touch and make music together. In one word: to promote music in the world through the foundation of a permanent and stable orchestra. For this reason the Samnium University of Music has supported this initiative and, moreover, has created a digital platform for the management and coordination of a system of cooperation between musicians from all over the world, where they will collaborate between them for the equal exchange of logistics and booking. A special thanks goes to Maestro Leone Magiera appointed by Samnium Honorary President of the SSO. The orchestra will make its debut on 19 July 2021, conducted by Maestro Armellino, at the Musikverein in Vienna ".

logo samnium fondo chiaro.jpg

principal music director
Samnium Youth Orchestra

The Samnium Youth Orchestra was created by the will of Maestro Arturo Armellino and Maestro Marcello Abbado. It was founded in 2015 for the 2015-2016 tour held in Cine: about 50 musicians from all over Europe were selected for the occasion. One of the many reasons why we founded Samnium was to be able to give any musician, all over the world, the opportunity to get in touch and make music together. In a word: promoting music in the world through the foundation of a permanent and stable orchestra.

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polyphonic choir director
Samnites University of Sannio

The Samnites Choir of the University of Benevento was constituted in the academic year 2003/2004 on the initiative of Prof. Orazio Francesco Piazza (today Bishop of the Diocese of Sessa Aurunca) and of Maestro Arturo Armellino in the  resolution passed by the Academic Senate in the session of 28.05.2003 . Authorized by the Rector who, with Rector's Decree of 18.06.2003, n.508, conferred the delegation to Prof. Piazza for all activities relating to the Polyphonic Choir of the University of Sannio, called "Samnites".

The choir, instructed and directed by Maestro Armellino, has organized numerous concerts and participated in all the official ceremonies of the Samnite University. 

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