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Hortus Conclusus - Benevento 5 September 1999

"It was an experiment with which I tried to answer a question I asked myself: is it possible to stage an opera by entrusting the solo parts to prose actors? And the answer fortunately was: yes, not only it is possible, but the result can also be appreciable, (as demonstrated by the very warm applause of a large audience at the XX "Città Spettacolo" exhibition in Benevento on September 4, 1999. The only performance).  entirely a short work  but full of choirs such as Cavalleria Rusticana, because the idea was born for the availability of a choir - The Coro del Roseto di Solopaca, mainly young and very well educated ...

We managed to save Cavalleria's famous orchestral interlude, impossible to perform with just two instruments, by transforming it into a "closed-mouth choir" (as in Butterfly).

A choir that does not exist but that works very well, and inspires the ironic title of the show "



With the director ...


With the artistic director ...

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