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Concerto 9 settembre 2019 Sora.jpg

Mostra d'arte cinematografica


Church of San Francesco
Sora 2019 II edition

Musici Lirienses

Maestro Concertatore and Director Arturo Armellino

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A figure of artist like that of Vittorio De Sica lends itself, like few others, to represent both the different aspects of cinematographic art, and the different forms of art and the various artistic languages that have contributed to making cinema great as an art of our time.

A great showman and at the same time of culture, especially in the fruitful partnership with Cesare Zavattini, who has made an important contribution to the renewal of Italian cinema and of many countries of the world.


from left: Maurizio Turriziani, Arturo Armellino, Giuliano De Angelis and Loreto Gismondi

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