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9a Edition International Audition AUDIMOZART 2018

Filarmonica Hall - Rovereto 9 June 2018

"Audimozart" crowns 5 purest talents of music. Francesca Bruno flautiscta, Vincenzo Carlo Schiavello hornist, Francesca Rodomonti oboist, Juan Ruiz Bandoux bassoonist, Alessandro Beverari clarinetist. We enthuse at the Rovereto Philharmonic and online from all over the world for the final gala concert that closed the competition. After two intense weeks of auditions involving competitors from all over the world, the jury has declared the winners of the ninth edition of the competition.

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All on the occasion of the gala concert were accompanied by the Mozart Youth Orchestra conducted by Maestro Arturo Armellino. The evening was also a great success with the public, both in the hall and online, where visitors from all over the world crowded the servers that broadcast the live broadcast.

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