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Town of Pazardjik, Bulgaria

The recording of Dvorak's 9th Symphony, which I personally consider a real symphonic masterpiece, took place in the Pazardjik Theater with its splendid orchestra in May 2018. It was a huge success and above all the recording was performed live and without interruptions. I have always been captivated by this symphony. The score shows a clear imprint of German symphonic writing, especially Brahmsian, a rigorous classical form, but also a cyclical conception that is conferred on it by the recurrence of the main theme (exposed in the first movement from the horn, after the slow introduction), which emerges in the various movements and in the final recapitulation of all the thematic material. The symphony ends with the enthralling final apotheosis, Allegro con fuoco: in its multiform development it appears as the apex of the entire composition, and at the same time a synthesis of Bohemian, Central European and American elements fused in a very flexible orchestration.

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