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70x100 concerto guardio arturo armellino.png

Il Sannio, capitale europea del vino 2019

City of Wine - National Association

This concert is part of a series of international artistic and cultural events. Promoted by the cities of Castelvenere, Guardia Sanframondi, Solopaca, Torrecuso and Sant'Agata de 'Goti, which in 2019 obtained the prestigious award assigned by RECEVIN, the community network of 800 wine cities. The appointment was made official in the framework of the  European Union Parliament in Brussels.  

" The investiture of Sannio - the mayors declare -  represents a significant recognition of the historical bond of our land with wine, as well as of course rewarding its excellent productions, which arise from the sacrifices of passionate winemakers, whose precious work is essential not only for the production of excellent wines, but also for the precious role of sentinels of a quality territory. The 'Sannio Falanghina' project aims to strengthen awareness raising activities for the culture and tradition of wine, involving businesses, citizens and the entire territory in the promotion of the wine resource "

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